Recipe Links

As a quick reference guide (so you don’t have to wade through my brain for twelve days to find the brownie recipe) I have sorted the posts by recipe. Most of the recipes include WW points although some of dessert points are missing to protect the guilty.

Go forth and play in my kitchen!

Breads and Baking

Carrot, Pineapple, and Cherry Walnut Breakfast Muffin

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

Lavender Bread

Dessert Pizza

Cherry Health Ice Cream

Peanut-butter Cocoa Crispy Treats

Chipotle Walnut Brownie Bites

Chocolate Chip Brownies

Pecan Joy Brownie Pie

Hummingbird Cake

Fruit Pizza

Cherry Coconut Bars

Hay Stacks

Honey Bran Cookies

Creamy Fruit Dip

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Apple Raisin Monkey Bread

Layered Lemon Cake

My Grandma’s Broccoli Cornbread


Lightened Up! Pigs in a Blanket

Open Roast Beef Sandwich

Sassy Shrimp Cocktails

Southwest Grilled Turkey Loin

Skinny! Tater-tot Casserole

Light MM Sandwich

Skinny! Chili Cheese Dogs

Crunch Fiery Fish Tacos

Light Lemon Buttery Shrimp

Girl Party Menu

Apple Bacon Walnut Salad

Curried Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches

Beef Tostadas

Bison Burgers

Light! Turkey Reuben

BBQ Sauce

Beef Hash

Summer Apple Tuna Salad

Turkey Pepperoni Pizza

Southwest Frittata


Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole


Mango Corn Salsa

Grilled Corn with Chipotle Lime Butter

Oven fried Green Tomatoes

Veggie Skewers and Dill Dip

Spinach Dip

Bacon Wrapped Figs

Stuffed Mushrooms

Roasted Potatoes



Chex Mix


Zero Point Lemonade



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