Posted by: aauntiem | July 13, 2010


I went to the beach for an entire week.

My family goes to Pensacola Beach every year for the fourth.

All bagillion cousins, aunts, and uncles, shuffle in and out of the beach house during the week.

This is the first year I have gotten to go for the whole time.

We arrived at the house and all bagillion people scurried in to claim rooms and look at the gulf.

And, once the coin was flipped and the room decided I raced into to see my bounty.

Folks, I am moving up on the world. Last year we slept in the pool room entrance– where everyone entered and exited outside during the day. I shoveled sand out of my clothes for weeks.

But, this room was glorious.

And, what did I do with this glorious room with its ocean-side view?

I unpacked of course and fussed over this and that.

You know, instead of looking at the view.

because I obviously developed OCD in my twenties.

Don’t worry I came to my senses (you know after everything was put away).

AuntieM (has a lot of catching up to do)



  1. I love Pensacola – nothing beats those white sandy beaches. I hope you had a fabulous time.

  2. Where’d you go?!

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