Posted by: aauntiem | July 2, 2010

Storm Chasers

I got home to this. This man, pulling and yanking on ropes, grin-yelling at me to go get changed already and get in the boat.

By the time we launched, the sky was turning on us fast.

I smiled as we sped through the river, smiled at the excitement of being on the water in a Florida storm. Picasso grimaced and tried to negotiate with himself: stay or go.

Five minutes in the water and the sky had turned. We sped and danced our way just on the edge of storm, hitting pockets of cold storm charged air that made me shiver amid the summer heat.

Just as the thunder started we pulled in to the little restaurant and marina down the river.

I munched on crab cakes and sipped diet coke at the “The Swamp House,” watching the rain fall in sheets just outside the wide wooden patio.

And, an hour late we cranked the boat and pulled back into the channel to find this surprise.

The storm had taken all the humidity and lazily swept the sky with summer; the warm night glowed pink, orange, and blue. It was like being held captive in a sun-globe. There was no sky and no earth, except where the boat sliced its way through heaven.

And, for just a moment the ho-hum Wednesday work-night became a night filled with the promise and expectation of first summer love.

Here is to hoping that your fourth brings you the magic of summer,


p.s. Happy Anniversary U.S.A


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