Posted by: aauntiem | June 29, 2010

Old Fashioned Donuts and a Birthday!

My friend Jess turns plenty-seven today.

Last week when I asked her what she would like as a tasty treat for her birthday, she said:

1. old fashioned donuts

2. cake without frosting

3. blueberry muffins, with the crumbles on the top

4. and a flaming flamingo dessert with a nice tangy-sweet drizzle

Ok, she might not have asked for the second one. She just said light frosting.

I ended up making 1,2, and buying 3. She was on her own for the fourth. I am an amateur, after all.

Last Thursday, I made the donuts based on this recipe. These donuts are twelve points a serving (holy cow! That is more than double my blueberry pie!).

Basically, you add all the spice and flour and sift. Then, you beat your eggs until frothy. Next add the sugary stuff to the eggs.

Beat that all up.

Add your apple sauce and the flour mixture. Get it all sticky doughed.

The people watch in expectation.

Then, you let it sit for at least two hours.

Watch as the people become violent and mob like in their hunger.

(even the dogs run in fear)

Then, the next morning after you have sent the people away (Marie Antoinette anyone?), cut the donuts out

Then, fry them up. Now, the recipe says about 1 minute per side. This is a dirty rotten makes the dough in the center raw lie. Fry until done in the middle and golden brown on the outside (about 5 minutes) flipping constantly, which (according to very reliable internet reserach) makes them light, fluffy, and evenly cooked.

Darin them

And, then you have donuts!

Jay liked them, but I was not convinced, they are very cake-like. As you will see by my post later this week when I made fried donut holes to account for the these guys.

Happy Birthday Jay (it is her actual one today. Anyone else notice that she might be the queen-of-Sheba, with a whole week of birthday celebrations?)!!

And, happy Tuesday to you.




  1. Wow those doughnuts looks so yummy. My family will go crazy about this.
    Happy birthday to Jay! And Happy Tuesday everyone:)

  2. Love, love, love old-fashioned donuts. I used to make them when I was a kid… can’t say I deep fry much these days. What I nice birthday gift!

    • This was the first time I saw deep frying in a long time. I forgot how much it makes the house smell!

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