Posted by: aauntiem | June 24, 2010

Making a Cookbook Cabinet

Next week marks the date that many years ago angels flew down from heaven to escort a sweet and innocent babe to an expectant family.

It also marks the date that my sweet loud and quirky friend Jay was born.

All joshing aside, my friend Jay is probably the most thoughtful person you will ever meet. Hallmark Christmas commercials don’t even touch this lady.  You know those super-cute craft projects in the magazines and you think, wow I would love to have such a Norman Rockwell swell life?

My friend Jay, is probably either:

  1. the person who came up with the idea being photographed
  2. her mother came up with the idea being photographed
  3. she is in the photograph

The magnitude of her thoughtfulness leaves us normal semi-normal people seasick and vomiting in the wake of her Martha Stewart tsunami.

Truly, she is an awesome and fierce thing to behold.

For her birthday this year, Picasso and I decided to surprise her by putting a hole in her wall.

And, then, putting a shelf in its place:

So Picasso pulled out his tools and his working man’s belt (oh, how I miss you, you sexy thing):

and did some of this:

and this:

and then this:

and Viola! there was a recipe cabinet by the kitchen, just like mine.

See, Jay lives in my neighborhood, in fact our houses are pretty similar, but we did not become neighbor friends; we are neighbors by design. I have actually known Jay longer than Picasso. We did wild and crazy things together like that time we Wrestlerettes.

When Jay moved back here after going to FSU I was already married and our dream of roommate-hood was postponed until our early 90s when no one would care. Instead, we did the next best thing; we bought our first houses in the same neighborhood about one street away.

Both Picasso and Jay’s fiancée came into this picture with the full understanding that we were a package deal. I am also certain that sometimes they have imagined that polygamists get off easier than they do because at least those guys get the illusion of control.

Even though our houses are similar, and we share some of the same things (you know those green kitchen tiles you often see, she has the same ones) our homes don’t look the same.

Jay’s living room:

My living room:

I love my house. I like my flower chandelier and my mushroom canisters

and my stain glassed window treatment Picasso made. And, all my books.

But, Jay’s house is just really cool.

She has an old phone from her grandfather

and a gumball and movie popcorn maker

and a blue glass hand in her kitchen next to her jadeite salt and pepper shakers

(I bet if I did that it would look dumb)

and her doorknobs in the kitchen are these green flowery things

Its like a magical Martha house with an edge. And, now it just got a whole lot cooler with a  Picasso and AuntieM made cabinet.

Don’t worry, I have been making some treats so Picasso won’t show me up for my own BF’s B-day (pics coming soon).

Happy almost birthday Jay!




  1. YEAH! That is so special and so kind of you to say. I love my cabinet and I love you!

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