Posted by: aauntiem | June 17, 2010


Tonight. We Bake. (sing it like Enrique Iglesias “Bailamos.” You know the first line “”).

Try again (this time singing.) Tonight. We Bake.

Rolls off the tongue, hugh?

That has been playing in my mind all morning.

Except, I kind of have this problem.

Exposition: I have a new boss-man who has been brought in to lead the transition to the new contract.

As the resident office baker I have been enlisted to make some treats for the Welcome Luncheon.

But, my baking cabinet looks like this:

A snare in the plot. Think eyebrow raise and a dant-duh in the music.

The dang thing is so full it is like a police barricade on baking supplies.  Nothing goes in or out.

Sunday when I made those sugarless muffins I dropped my jar of yeast trying to uncover the baking soda. Yeast all over the floor while Luna licks the yeast balls like a Hoover (do you call the vet? Will her stomach expand into eternity when she drinks water? Will it rise in her tummy and carry her away like a balloon?)

Rising Action:  Some nights I dream I am lost in a wilderness of pine nuts, lemon extracts, and biscuit cutters. I wander trying to find my way through the maze. I end up running into walls of gumdrops and semi-sweet chocolate chips. Pie crust toppers chase me. The dough hook tried to captain-hook me.

It is all very Alice in my baking cabinet.

I got the dang cabinet because the baking supplies was moving in on my regularly pantry food like kudzu vines. Now, I have so many baking supplied that I moved some back to the pantry.

Pretty soon Picasso, Luna, and I will have to go live in a hut outside so I keep my baking powder under AC.

So, tonight we bake and this trifle has not yet come to climax. But, friends I have a feeling that when I go to make the sweet treats for tomorrow’s office party I might end up going Carrie on my baking cabinet and dousing myself in bread flour.

And, I wonder…have I done enough yoga, samba, and All Star Workout with FitTV to emerge victorious from my prophesied battle with the baking cabinet?



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