Posted by: aauntiem | June 2, 2010

A Hike and Summery Apple and Tuna Salad

Sunday morning my brother in law R-tinie decided to join us on our hike. R-tinie comes with his own set of people: Chrissy, baby Ava, baby belly. These days he is a +3.

We come with a Tuna-Luna fish. So we are +1.

Ava is three. Luna is a dog, so she is like three.

Mathematically speaking, that really makes us +5.

You can see already where this is going, you say?

We started off on the Blue Trailhead—a three mile hike that meets up with the orange and white trail, rounding the trip to about 6.5 miles total.

The trail is pretty wide, wide enough for a baby stroller.

Again, you say, you can see where this is going?

The trail is full of ferns. It is a world of just green and brown.

Of holes that sneaky things live in.

Baby Ava decided to ride her way through the greenworld. And, Chrissy pleaded—“you can see the flowers and bugs much better if you walk.”

And, baby Ava (with a tone that is shocking and wonderful on a three year old) would say,

“I can see those dragon flies from here (read: thank you very much).”

Meanwhile, I had Rudolph the Weiner Dog meshing a trail for us and pulling me along.

This caused me run into this

And this

Resulting in spasms, terror, and Picasso moving to the front with a stick moonlighting as spider whapping machete.

All the while, the white-wash 98° sun was burning my transparent skin.

We walked.

We chatted and we walked.

My flesh melted from my bones.

We walked.


This happened.

I am sorry.

I don’t know what to say.

My Luna has walked this very trail before. But Sunday, she quit, causing us to become THOSE people.

Ava pooped out to and ended up on Tini’s shoulders.

This begs the question: Where is my knight rider?

I ended the trail sans a white horse, but at least I got snacks.

And, that, ladies and gentlemen is why you can put up with summer heart. The dang snacks are just so good. Fresh tomatoes off the vine make yummy bruschetta. Juicy watermelon. Fresh cherries in a pie. Fresh cucumber dip and crackers. And…

my tuna salad.

I will walk for food.

My tuna is simple and it is a magical cooler-beach food. It is so good icy cold.

Apple and Tuna Salad                       Serves 2

3 weight watcher points

3-4 Tbsp fat-free mayonnaise

1 small apple

3 Tbsp sweet pickle relish

12  can of white tuna in water

Salt and pepper to taste

OR all that plus

A dash of cayenne

1 tsp tomato paste

½ tsp paprika

½ chili powder

1 pickled thai chili pepper, squeezed

(I know you are surprised I went with the spicy version this time)

The crunch and the sweet are divine. Then, if you are daring, the crunch meets the sweet and the tangy Thai.

Summertime is magic people.




Just chop your apple

Mix it together with the tuna, mayo, and relish. Add some salt and pepper. Then if you get crazy add all the other spices. Stir it up and




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