Posted by: aauntiem | May 24, 2010

Digital Disconnect

I had all these things planned, like mango corn salsa and an analysis of the phenomenon of pet to owner likeness ratios.

I had hopes and dreams.

We too had a relationship. We too had a future together.

But, my virtual workspace hates me today.

My mobile me account holds my things hostage. It is evil. Spiteful, really.


1. I do not own an ipod.

2. I refuse to trade in electronic errie white light cold metal books for stinky musty paper ones.

3. I don’t answer my cell phone.

the Mac products have started a revolt.

I am not sure if I am the fit chic with the hammer because I refuse to technology or if my mobile me account is the hammer and I am the drone for not getting with it. But, I know there is a really good metaphor in there somewhere. Are you my mother? Opps, wrong thing. Never mind.

So, I guess that means all I really have to say is don’t forget to vote on a name and enter the Sintral Florida Derby Tote Giveaway by midnight tonight. If you computer hasn’t turned all A.I. on you and wigged out.




  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who prefers real honest-to-goodness books over e-book readers. Don’t know why, just can’t get used to ’em.

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