Posted by: aauntiem | May 17, 2010

Derby Girl Give Away

We are taking a slight detour from our regularly scheduled discussion of healthy food and entering into the dark underbelly world of rink-dive bar- food. We will get back to  some really yummy (and point friendly) recipes later this week.

Like I was saying, Saturday night we loaded up in Picasso’s SUV with a cooler and some beach chairs, making our way to Daytona Beach. We did not, however, actually go to the beach. Instead, we were headed for Skate City to see our very first up close and personal roller derby bout.

Jay’s guy rode with us and we razzed him the entire way about how his fratboy button down was gonna make it hard for him to pass as a derby husband– typically more tatted up and leaning more toward grunge or punk than say a backstreet boy.

He didn’t think it was funny.

It was though. It was.

We arrived and camped out on the skating rink floor, popped open a cold on

and put our heads together to try and understand what the heck we were about to watch.

Its a little like explaining the rules for whackbat.

I followed through this part

and got the gist of the handshake

and victory style lap.

I even managed to get the team’s whoop-whoop lap around the rink before starting.

Then, the rest was a bit of a blur. Jammers came up from behind

raced around people

and skated circles around the pack

which meant they scored points.

Don’t ask me how many. I couldn’t keep track.

The belted people (stop asking so many questions, sezesch) tried to hit the jammers and keep them from making it through the pack.

This meant a lot of people fell.

This also meant a lot of people got penalties. See that girl using an elbow.


That also meant the refs conferenced

a lot.

A fan even tried to hit a ref. The other team’s coach got kicked out.

Derby is intense people.

I mean you don’t wear fur legging boots unless you are hardcore.

And, all this being hardcore works up an appetite.

So, we went to the first restaurant on the right after leaving Skate City.

Where we devoured delicious onion rings, crab thingys, and too-bad-to-be-this-good chili cheese jalapeno dog.

I mean, I don’t know about you, but all that skating totally justified a chili-cheese-jalapeno-dog.

Its not like I had had one in the last week or anything.

And, man was it good after all that skating (I watched). (I made that face as a dare, ok? …you know what. I am not going to even explain. Just forget about it.)

As usual, everyone else declined to be photographed.  (I snuck one of Picasso too, but he swore on wedding rings and puppies that if I ever posted his face I would be in monster trouble. Really, I just don’t want to be responsible for all those puppies).

Besides, I am hardcore–so I can take it.

Just like these ladies (without all the skating and fur). At least I have the falling regularly part down.

Jay will be hardcore soon. She is too new to skate in a match just yet, but should be out there soon. She just kept people in the penalty box.

She is trying to decide on her hardcore name. Why not help her decide? It might get you free stuff…

To Enter:
Answer the following question in a comment:

Which derby name do you like best:

a. Jay the Ripper

b. Dr. Jay and Ms. Hyde

c. Animal Crack-Her

d. Domina

Or, can you think of something else she should use?

The Rules:
You may only enter once. I will be watching you (and you).

Enter before midnight EST, Monday May 24, 2010.

One winner will randomly be chosen to win a Sintral Florida Derby Demons tote bag (black with their team logo).

The winner will be posted  Thursday May 27, 2010.

Make sure that you include your email address somewhere so I can contact you if you are the winner.

**This giveaway is sponsored by AuntieM and On The Edge of Takeout blog—only.** The End.




  1. Woot Woot! SFDD loves a little Auntie M support. You loyal readers can check out our Facebook page here-!/pages/Sintral-Florida-Derby-Demons/90191052434?ref=ts

  2. Animal Cracker-Her

  3. I’m liking Animal Crack-her.

  4. YAY for my furry shout-out! and you are correct…you dont wear furries unless you are hardcore!

    sadly…animal crack-her is already a registered derby name 😦

    but…there is always…

    O. So Rotten
    Kikyo Az
    Onna Mishun
    Ima Syko
    Ono U. Dint

    none of these names are taken or bear a higher than a low level of similarity on the derby name registry.

  5. I’m liking Jay the Ripper myself.

  6. I think I am going to go with Jay the Ripper. What ever the winning name maybe I would like to come watch! Good luck Jess!

    • Amy, Please come the next time we go! I will give you details.

  7. I did like animal crack- her so how about Domina.
    have fun

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