Posted by: aauntiem | May 12, 2010

Happy PW Day!

Dear sleep,

I did not mean to hurt you. I am sorry I stood you up last night… sorry that I kept you waiting. I was here:

And my eyes looked like the plane trinkets I got for Ree’s punks.

So, please give me another chance. I miss you. I need you. Please come back to me.

wishing I could be where you are,




I know of many ways you could make it up to me. Can you meet me tonight, say 7:00 o’clock?



Dear Sleep,

I would love for…but… I already have plans. I meet the most awesome foodie PW from Oklahoma tonight, and I made her this surprise, and everyone is going to be there, and my camera is already….and…and…and…





Happy Rex Manning Pioneer Woman Day!

The End.


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