Posted by: aauntiem | May 10, 2010

PW Comes to Town

Somewhere right now in my city Pioneer Woman may be standing in line at Starbucks.


I know for those of you from big cities that this is your reality (well, not PW)—that every day you could at any moment run into someone super famous at your local grocery store or Starbucks. In O’town this is just not so.

We have the Mouse, which (as a fictional giant puppet) would be strange to find in your local coffee shop, and the backstreet boys.

Like I said, I don’t exactly live my life star stuck.

Now, if Dwight Howard happens to walk into Steak’n’Shake

then I might get excited; otherwise, starbucks and target are only dangerous because you might see someone you know from high school on a day when you were too lazy to put on make-up.

So, the fact the Pioneer Woman—the most awesome foodie blogger that ever made me want to use real butter—is somewhere in my city possibly drinking an iced coffee (it is hot, I hope she got it iced) at the same time as me makes me think real hard  about Fievel Mousekewitz

and Kevin Bacon’s six degrees of separation.

She is here, I am here, we are here, here we are at the center of this. She. Me. We. Here.

I mean, I think I just got to the bottom of something here people. Or, I just confessed that I really need serious help.

Either way, I am getting pumped.

I am going to her book signing on Wednesday with a secret surprise for PW (because, as I have just disclosed to you, I might be a scary stalker lady). You will just have to wait and see what it is (Whatever the case maybe, I am not dangerous, unless given confectioners’ sugar and a mixer so rest easy).

I am just saying that this is a busy week: the Magic are in the playoffs and PW is in town. I will be giving more lucid details about this later but I just thought you should know that I know that she is here and that just made O’town a whole lot more interesting.




  1. How exciting! Looking forward to your pictures with Ree 🙂

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