Posted by: aauntiem | May 4, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond

I think I might have possibly maybe just left the point of no return and entered into an alien world of food photography and DIY chefs. That is right ladies and gentlemen, I officially left the regular day-to-day ho-hum of normalcy and have stumbled my way into the foodie blogosphere (in case you were wondering there is some freaky do-due-dodo-due-do-dodo music playing in my head right now).

And, I think there might be a leak in my oxygen suit.

This week, ok really at least a week ago I was accepted (street cred, people, street cred) to the Foodie Bloggroll. Veer your eyes to the right, scroll and there you will see what I am talking about.

It is actually an amazing network of food bloggers. So, if you are into food blogs read up, as there are some amazing low-fat and WW blogs listed (like Gina’s Weight Watcher Blog) . If you write a food blog, join up– there are regular contests and a forum for other food bloggers.

What this means is that somehow my blog just become connected to a community of food blog blogger peoples blogging about food (wait, what?).

This all goes to say that I am feeling a bit shy.

I mean, I am on the home page– yikes.

I was accepted more than a week ago, but I didn’t put up the Blogroll until yesterday. For days I  couldn’t decide if I wanted to delete my blog into oblivion before anyone other than my mom read it or tell everyone I know how cool this is and to start reading all these blogs.

I let you know when I have decided one way or another (but you should definitely check out their blogs either way).

In the meantime, I am squeezing my eyes shut and doing the 80s shoulder pump while I try as best I can to do what I have been doing (ok, I’ll try to stop gyrating before I work on my knife skills).

I just thought I would tell you that entering into the alien Foodie universe where:

a) people photograph everything they make, which makes dinner last until breakfast

b) you can’t wait to share, read, and try new recipes (even if that means baking after work)


c) everyone you know becomes a test tester

makes everyday dining much more Pulp Fiction, fly by the seat of your pants, thrilling-like an 80s teen movie awkward kiss scene. Doesn’t that make you want to make something messy in your kitchen (food, I meant food) tonight?

So, people, I am living on the edge (of the blogger outpost and reporting to you live, via my space suit).

I’ll leave you with this.




  1. That’s awesome! Congratulations! 🙂

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