Posted by: aauntiem | May 3, 2010

Deco Me Silly

My sister phoned in for a life line this past weekend. She was in dire need of someone to come and help her populate her new house with objects that didn’t look like they belonged to a 27 year old bachelor that had a dentist father (think brass with mallard ducks and hound dogs mixed with Hendrix posters).

So she wouldn’t have to leave Bucky, she said.

I loaded up Picasso and Luna-tunes  and we headed up to Georgia.

With $300 dollars, my fantastically handy Picasso and my sister in tow we set off to explore the vast expanse of Georgia garage sales.

I don’t have a before picture, as the guys moved all the furniture in/out while we were still shopping. But, what I can tell you is that the end tables, a brass candlestick, and a Mose painting are the only things left.

We started the morning at her bosses neighborhood garage sale, where we snagged the couches for $100.

Now, these are comfortable and in excellent condition. The only thing is that I wanted to be careful not to fall into some sort of jean inspired decorating oblivion. I picked up some of this and some of that– mostly leaving behind things that said cowgirl party or 80’s explosion (you have to add some of that stuff in, too remind the couch of its roots).

We picked up the boot lamp for and the large round butterfly-coaster thingy for under $5 total.

The mirrors were $1.00 each for the small ones and $3.00 for the large.

We picked up these bowls with accompanying tray and three pieces surrounding the moose (something Bucky already had up…go figure) at the neighbors estate sale.

The large piece on the wall was something like $4 at another garage sale.

The coffee table was our big ticket item, besides the couch, for $15 dollars.

Bucky picked these up; he was obsessed with them. The owner of these keys is smitten with him. She told him the story of how they came over from Spain. These are special keys and Bucky wants to go on a voyage to discover what doors they open.

This is why garage sales are so important. In fact, they may give you the meaning of life. Just ask Bucky.

(obviously Luna could not be bothered to move)

We bought the throw pillows from different stores around town, as we never did find any at thrift or garage sales. We also picked up the curtains, candle holders, and cowboy prints. The brass candle sticks, led zeppelin poster, and brass coconuts are Valdosta Originals (as Bucky likes to say).

We also managed to fix up the bedroom.

Adding some art to the room and throwing in some throw pillows, wait-what? Anyway, notice the cup pattern from earlier?

Beth decided to keep the bedspread. Bucky decided the other color should be yellow (the only color your apparently can’t find in Georgia).

We managed to find some porch furniture, too.

And, in a place as pretty as Valdosta, you need it.

I mean, who doesn’t want to sit on the porch and drink lemonade?

Or, watch your neighbors have garage sales (really, there are an unnatural amount of them. Un-Natural!)

We started at 7:00 and we were finished a little after midnight.

When I start something it is usually like a whirlwind.

When you go shopping with me, you end up like this the next day.

Me, I managed to snag some Georgia Pecans. Up next, I will give you a recipe that uses those Pecans for a very bad thing.

Auntie M


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