Posted by: aauntiem | April 29, 2010

Nancy and I are like *THIS*

I live with an early adopter.

An early adopter is a person that tests out the technology the rest of use eventually buy. These are the people that were discussing the merits of some gidgetygadget  before any of us normal people knew what that was, let alone wanted to spend the gazillion dollars it would cost to buy one.

Early adapters pay more for less.


They get the newest gadget at an astronomical rate. As a new thing there are no toys for the gadget because no one has made the whos-what-its for it yet.

Our blue ray player actually had to begin doing system updates that you download online, transfer to a disk, then put in your machine before most people even knew what they were yet. It took three days before we could watch Pirates of the Caribbean at home because of an update fiasco.

If people like Picasso like something, it catches on and regular every-day folks begin to buy them.

When people like me buy technology it is cheaper, better, faster. Actually, that is a lie.

I never buy technology. I just live with someone that does.

I don’t own an I-Pod or any other song playing thingy. Seriously.

Somehow, though, I end up looking like this

at the grocery store.

Picasso and I walk down  rows and rows


canned and bottled goods

fresh meats and produce.

We add a little bit of this

and some of that. And while we are shopping, others are gawking and silently shouting with their eyes:

about how really life was UNFAIR! Because they should have an IPad grocery list.

Me, I pretended not to know Picasso.

It is me and Nancy. Forever. Silently shouting:

about the Horror, horror! of using an IPad to grocery shop

about the way our civilization has gone to hell because of LED lights.

about how people no longer communicate with one another and might be illiterate Bcuz of txt.

about how in the good ole’ days you used to imagine produce when you thought about apples at the grocery store.

Obviously, us  laggards are loosing the good fight.

Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.



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