Posted by: aauntiem | April 9, 2010

In a Very Far Away Land

Once, long ago, I dreamed of a time when I would be able to have a normal life.

As a college adjunct, life is not anywhere close to normal. I woke up at 4:00 am to get to work and begin teaching at 7:00 am. I taught most nights until almost ten o’clock, just to come home and do it over. My weekends were for grading and lesson planning.

In this far away land people were always around me, but I was always alone. The life of an adjunct is lonely.

Then, I got a “grown up” job (as my dad called it, which is far less grown up and tough stuff than being an adjunct, thank you very much).

Now, my weekends look like this:

8:00 am Meet at Parents

8:15 My family starts to get out of bed. But you said be here at 8:00…

8:30 Problem with Boat #2 trailer axle.

8:35 Picasso calls his brother, the only other man we know that fixes stuff, and calls for help

10:00 Realization that Picasso will not be attending and must stay and fix boat #2

10:30 Make up plans as we go, my family’s signature style (drives me bat-cuss crazy)

11:58 My sister decides to get ready

11:00 Start to Leave

11:15 Make it to the boat ramp

11:20 My father becomes impatient (actually that might be his natural state). My sister’s boyfriend, not a boater, almost gets crushed alive by trying to help with backing in. Impatient + Newbie = Accident Waiting to Happen

He walked about knee deep here, before realizing he was gonna either have to swim or jump to the dock to save his life.

11:22 Realize that impatient father has backed up before allowing someone to tie the rope.Boyfriend tries. I try to fix it. Sister watches. Father continues to back up, without regard to the fact that at this moment the boat will float away if left to his own devices.

Question of the day: How many people should it take to tie a boat knot?

Don’t answer that.

11:23 Tie Up the Boat. Boyfriend’s knot was crazy awesome. He is a go-getter people, I will give the man that much. He just gets in there.

11:30 On the water.

11:35 Realization #1: someone should have re-painted her toes.

11:35 Realization #2: have camera will shoot, without regard to subject, need to know, or style. Apologies.

11: 45 Lawyer father argues with police officer about posted speed sign. Almost gets ticket. Then, continues to argue (He will be pulled over again, by the same officer. No ticket. Weird.)

noon to sometime: Doc Boat at the Springs, Lunch, Lounge, Swim

Mid afternoon: Mom and I get left to watch the stuff because everyone won’t fit in just one boat. Picasso is still working on Boat #2. They leave for most of the afternoon. We miss all sporting. Chats with mom are nice but grownup life is stupid.

5:00 ish Head in.

7:00ish Mad Mad World aka begin cleaning house, prepping food, and general Easter assembly

This was one of many times I cleaned this dang kitchen Saturday night.

I made my dough at sometime and cleaned while it rose.

I set the table. After rearranging the furniture to fit the table.

I cried out to the heavens that I was tired and life was unfair.

Picasso slept. His ankle hurt. He fell while working on  the boat. How convenient, I thought.

I cussed his name.

I got up at 5:00 to bake it all.

I ran out of memory and couln’t even see the fruits of my labor.

9:00 am ish Everyone ate in 12 minutues.

9:30 I helped Picasso clean the dishes.

10:30 Everyone left.

11:00-6:00 pm I slept.

This weekend I am hosting a party, attending a party, hiking.

Normal Life?

It is overrated.

Hoping to rest before I am dead.



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