Posted by: aauntiem | April 7, 2010

Pizza, Pizza!

I really like home made pizza. My mom used to make the box homemade pizza (contradiction. I think not.) all the time when I was growing up. Homemade rectangle (the definition of HM really) pizza makes me think of summer and my mom’s house. Of childhood, even before my sister’s dinner table stories . It is the 80s for me people, well that and slap bracelets.

And, diet logic (not weight watchers logic but actual diet logic) says NO PIZZA EVER (poor pizza, always cast as the rebel, the bad dude. Pizza. I am just gonna come out and say it. You have an image problem and I am gonna  blame you for all those those dude/game/beer commercials you wear).

But, bad reputations aside, this diet logic is just not true my friend. And, really how could your soul survive without this Americanized quzai Italian dish?

I don’t know my friend. I just don’t know.

And, luckily I did not have to find out. Because, pizza isn’t a crazy amount of points. But, it is expensive and you don’t get much. And, PW’s looks awesome.

So, I modified (her BBQ chicken pizza is 5 points a slice) and came up with this. Its awesome. Its meat lovers friendly. It has veggies. It is only 3 points a slice. It is basically Heaven people.

Turkey Sausage and Pepperoni Veggie Pizza

Serves 12

3 Weight Watchers Points per slice


Make 1 Recipe Pioneer Woman’s Pizza Crust

*I modified by using half whole wheat flour (this doesn’t change the points, so if you hate the go wheat movement keep the white) and by reducing the EVOO to ½ cup. So you will need:

1 tsp yeast

1 ½ cup of water

2 cups of whole wheat flour

2 cups of all purpose flour

½ cup of olive oil

Then, follow along with her recipe for making pizza dough. It really does taste better if you let it sit for a day or so. Just make the dough ahead of time (easy!easy!) and have it ready for a quick mid-week meal.

When you are ready to actually make the pizza, you will need:

1/2 cup(s) pizza sauce

17 slice(s) Hormel Pillow Pack Turkey Pepperoni

1 cup(s) canned mushrooms

1 medium red onion(s)

1 cup(s) cooked broccoli or Spinach

2 oz raw turkey sausage

PAM or other FF cooking spray

½ cup corn

1/4 cup(s) Diced Tomatoes

12 oz Polly-O Reduced fat mozzarella cheese loaf

Alright, lets make pizza.

Preheat your oven to 500°. Weigh out your sausage. Place a good sized frying pan on medium to medium high heat. Spray with PAM (sausage sticks like crazy people). Next, de-skin the sausage. You do this by cutting a small cut down the center of the sausage and then using that tiny cut to allow your finger in so you can pull away the sides of the skin.

This is serious people.

Vegetarians, run. Vegans, go and never come back.

I live with a ravenous carnivore and sometimes I have to do things I am not proud of in order to survive. You understand, right?

Really it is just gross and looks a lot like…well, it is just really gross.

Place all the skinned sausage into your frying pan and grind it up. Then, hide the skin and repress the memory.

Let the sausage cook until done, about 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, you should steam your broccoli or microwave it, or whatever you do to your veggies. I did not add this, because I forgot to take it out of my fridge, so I skipped this  step. Absent minded professor yet again.

When it is done, set aside. I shred the sausage in a food processor in order to get it really fine, but use chunks if you would like.

Now comes the big money folks. Take out two baking sheets and PAM um. Split your dough in half (it makes two, obviously, or mine would only have meat and cheese. When will you learn?) and plop your dough in the center. Then, roll or work your dough into a rectangle.

Once you have spread out your dough, spray it with PAM or Olive Oil cooking spray.

Go ahead and add your pizza sauce (you could always make your own. I did not.) Spread it around.

Next add diced tomatoes. Then, cut your mozzarella log and weigh it. Place it in fun shapes on your dough.

Add your toppings: make sure to count out your pepperonis; sprinkle some sausage, throw on some onion, corn, mushrooms, and broccoli. And, viola, yummy PW pizza for 3 points. Well, raw, but almost yummy pizza.

Bake at 500° for 15 minutes. Cut into 12 slices and say hasta livista to dominos.

Helping  “bad” foods become good, one day at at time.




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