Posted by: aauntiem | March 15, 2010

Chicken Soup and Weekend Hangover

I am pooped. My weekend was like a Jack-Russell terrier—short, high-strung, and oddly bouncy.

I need a nap. I need a couch and a chance to reconnect with my TiVio. I need to do my laundry. At this point, I would gladly do laundry (that is how you know I am serious people).

Instead, I am left with this:

And, if my soul’s happiness is left to a beverage it should at least be a grande non-fat iced latte. But, it is Monday. It is busy. It is not pay day. I may be a little flouncy because…

Did I ever tell you that I am a really boring person?

If I didn’t, maybe I should have prefaced my entire blog that way.

I go to bed by 10:30. Period. Or, I am a mess. I get up early just to enjoy coffee and enjoy my patio garden. I don’t really go out. I don’t drink. I am not into any scenes. I am a bibliophile. For an entire week last year I taught college composition by day and stayed up all night long to finish a series I was into. Actually stayed up until I read all four books in one week. It is kind of an ongoing problem.

So, when my weekend or week involves a friend get together with more than just my best-friend/neighbor Jay, we are talking about a pretty big deal (don’t judge, I came to terms with and embraced my nerdness in college). Now, I am not saying I hate people or anything, and I do enjoy getting together, but I am a very homebody kindagirl.

Lets just say, for the sake of argument, then, that if a week included several unplanned events,

  1. lunch with group of friends from high school
  2. a skybox basketball game with my Family friends
  3. a work emergency
  4. another dinner out with another friend that came into town
  5. a family dinner (Seafood, as a food group, I adore you. But, you are best in Northern Florida. No offense.)
  6. and cooking/baking for friend that just got home from the hospital after giving birth to a (beautiful) baby girl)
  7. Menu for new mama:

You want to make some don’t you. You should, it will help you recover from the weekend.

  • Weight Watchers, Cheddar, Apple, Walnut Salad

I don’t think mine will look that pretty but how can bacon, apples, and toasted walnuts be wrong with cheese?

  • Homemade wheat bread, courtesy of Picasso (he can butter my….never mind, its just really good bread people)
  • Blackberry and Blueberry Double Crust Pie, courtesy of the greatest cookbook ever

You are my teacher, my friend, you never judge me by laughing at someone that has to look up the temperature to bake potatoes at, you complete me

along with the regularly scheduled events like hiking, hair dying, and a weight watchers meeting, that I might end that week frazzled, on the verge of choosing take-out for the rest of my life, and possibly hiding under the covers when the alarm to get up and start exercising at 4:45 am began bright and early daylight-savings-time-Monday. Just for the sake of argument…

So, this week’s menu looks oddly familiar (as it includes three of the meals from last week that were bumped, moved, or frozen because of those unplanned events).



Shrimp in lemon butter sauce, brown rice, steamed broccoli


Leftovers make stir-fry for lunch

Eat at Basketball Game

Make Meal to deliver to friend on Monday (makes chicken soup for days and days)


Pesky Cornish Game Hens (that I have been trying to cook forever), roasted potatoes, carrots, peas


Picasso fends for self


Oven Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, gravy


Breakfast for dinner, umm


Out with friends (planned this time)


Picasso: always the same

AuntieM: chicken noodle soup

chicken noodle soup

and more chicken noodle soup

Hoping the pictures distracted your from the fact that I got nothin’,




  1. Your weekend sounds like mine was–Out with friends Friday night, chores, etc. Saturday, then car break-in, traveling and shopping on Sunday. I kinda quit tracking for a couple days, and I didn’t make it up to exercise this morning.

    • Rachel,
      Oh no about your car! I hope everything is ok and you they didn’t take or were able to find your things.
      As the for the weekend chaos, it is my goal this week to be more focused on the weekend. I get busy and then forget to track.

      Hope everything is ok with your car.

      • Oddly enough, they didn’t take anything with them, exactly. What they did take from my car, they left piled on my dumpster outside my back door. Weirdos.

      • That is really strange, but at least they didn’t take anything.

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