Posted by: aauntiem | March 5, 2010

I am a Fat Kid.

That’s right. I love fattening, rich, decadent southern food. In my family, you eat because: you just Aced a big exam, because you lost ten pounds, because the world is mean and you had a horrible rotten no good very bad day, because it is Tuesday. Well, you just eat. And, the food my family makes is g-o-o-d. My momma’s dump cake could make a wicked man righteous. It is also 36 WW points per slice, I pointed it out once to see if it was worth it. Some days if you ask me I would do very bad wrong things, unnatural things, to get some of that cake. Most days I can logically understand the merits of a lighter choice. I will get back to you when I know the definitive outcome of the debate.

So, trying to lose half my body weight is not easy. It would probably be easier if the fat-kid would uproot itself from my soul. It always wants gooey pie and cream sauce, the traitor.  Some days I want to flounce. Some days I do flounce. Some days I want to scream at Picasso to learn to eat his veggies like a good boy.  Some days I actually might cry (like the day I made those toffee coffee bars with applesauce). Most days, though, I enjoy trying to see how to lighten up meals and make them an acceptable WW point value.

The truth is, I am the fat-kid version of healthy living. I mean, I do it. I want to do it. But, I also want to and often do eat French fries (at least they are baked. Don’t judge.) So, if you are looking for ways to survive on the raw food diet, or looking for ways to spruce up and enliven your simple home cooking, you have come to the wrong place. Meat. Potatoes. AND fat-free butter spray. That’s me. I mean I know the points values of my burger. I am just saying…

In my kitchen, I cook some things from scratch and heat up others. Here goes.

So, for my first post. Here is what we are eating this week:

*denotes pantry ingredients I already own and didn’t have to buy this week (cha-ching)



A much Lighter version of Pioneer Woman’s Marlboro Man Sandwich, Homemade Steak Fries


Roast*, Potatoes*, Carrots*, Gravy, canned Green Beans

–>Turn into soup for lunch

Baking for FCAT:


Cherry coconut bars

Picasso’s Bran and Honey cookies


Beefy Hash Goodness


Spaghetti* and Texas Toast


BBQ chicken, Roasted Potatoes, Canned Green Peas, Veggie Steamers For One*


Lemon-butter shrimp, Brown Rice*, Asparagus, Canned Green Beans




Picaso: Peanut butter/grape jelly* OR Tuna OR Turkey

Baked Lays, ww cheese stick, apple juice, 100 calorie pack, pudding

AuntieM: Beef and Barley stew from pot-roast leftovers with crackers or baked potato OR turkey Reuben

Sides:  Carrots/peanut butter, fresh fruit, ww cheese stick, pickle


Picaso: 40 calorie hot dogs or Bran Flakes* and skim milk

AuntieM: Quaker wild blueberry instant oatmeal* with ½ banana OR Blueberry Greek yogurt*, ½ cup blueberries, crumbled 1pt granola bar (the kind with chocolate…uyum) AND coffee with FF creamer (most important part of the day)*

I will post some of the recipes this week.


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